Blue and red police roof bar lightsPublic Safety

Public safety and a well-respected police department that models the diversity and character of it’s community is critical. All people must have a sense of confidence that their police and firefighters will act in the best interest of public safety and the citizens that they serve. I will never forget the feeling I had during the emergency Federal Way city council meeting after the string of violence that left people dead and wounded over the course of three days earlier this year. It was a combination of heartbreak, anger, confusion, and determination to find a collaborative solution with our city leaders to keep our community safe.   At the same time, those who commit crime need to be held immediately accountable. The victims of crime need to feel secure in the fact that the criminal who harmed them will receive swift and sure punishment. In addition, the entire judicial system must work efficiently and fairly toward that goal of holding criminals accountable for the harm that they have caused. 


Our two girls Morgan age 25 and Mackenzie age 23 attended the Federal Way Public School system K-12 and both graduated from Todd Beamer High School – class of 2008 and 2010 respectively. They received great educations that set them up for successful college experiences, graduating early from the University of Washington and with honors from Boise State University, and now employed in wonderful careers. I understand the challenges every family faces in providing their child the best opportunity to learn and develop. I also understand the struggles families face today paying for college tuition or on-going vocational training. My husband and I just lived it. I have been a tireless advocate for Federal Way Public Schools since my children entered kindergarten but I also recognize that families should have choices to find the best educational solution to fulfill their children’s educational goals. I will continue to tirelessly advocate for our schools and ensure that our state makes education its “paramount duty” as required by our State’s Constitution.

economyJobs and Economy

I was the Executive Director of the non-profit organization Advancing Leadership for 15 years. I helped with the transition to a new director. I personally know the trials and tribulations of operating a small business through the worst recession in recent economic history. Advancing Leadership was able to survive and grow during this time through conservative, prudent management and a wonderful team effort from the Board of Directors, staff, and countless volunteers. I will do everything I can to support policies that promote job creation and wage growth. Businesses require certainty in order to expand. Government regulation and tax policies should not exist to punish businesses but to help businesses start, grow, and thrive.


The 30th District sits at a critical juncture between the I-5, Highway 18, and SR 509 corridor and many of our citizens use these roadways daily to get to and from work and recreational activities. As your state representative I will do all that I can to ensure that we receive the funds necessary to reduce gridlock in our area and improve the overall infrastructure of our roads, bridges and public transportation. I will also work to ensure that projects are completed efficiently and on time.


Healthcare consumes approximately 1/7 of our national economy.   Small businesses and consumers cannot afford more tax increases, regulation and increased premiums for reduced coverage. I will work for sensible reform that brings competition and transparency to the healthcare system so that consumers can make more intelligent decisions regarding their healthcare and the cost that they will incur. At the same time I will work to ensure that you can maintain your doctor of choice, preserve the quality of care that you receive, and have affordable options that best meet your needs.

parkQuality of Life

It’s important that our communities are livable cities for business, recreation, and families. I am committed to attracting world class employers, world class parks and recreation, world class schools and being a model that attracts the best industry to our region. Quality of life is the key to vitality and a sense of pride.