The Election is Just Days Away

With 5 days left to go, it’s time to get out the vote! If you haven’t already done so, make sure to get your ballot in.
This election, more than ever, getting out the vote is a necessity. Turnout is absolutely crucial this cycle. We’re in the home stretch, and have been busy knocking doors, waving signs and making phone calls.
After we get out the vote, please consider joining us on Tuesday, November 8 7-9 pm at Twin Lakes Golf Course (3583 SW 320th, Federal Way, Washington 98023) for our Victory Party! We look forward to seeing you there!
Other opportunities to help:

Phone Bank/Canvassing

  • Saturday: Noon to 3 is the Super Saturday, vols stay later if they want
  • Sunday: phone bank Noon to 5
  • Monday: phone bank 11-7
  • Tuesday: 11 to 4

Sign Waving

  • Saturday: 8-11; Pac Hwy and 320th
  • Sunday: none
  • Monday: 7-9 AM; 348th and Enchanted Parkway
  • Tuesday: 7-9 AM; 348th and Enchanted Parkway

If you have questions or concerns, contact Jessie Gamble at 2532614643.

Thank you for your support.

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