Teri’s Record of Community Support

Recently, my opponent has bombarded you with negative information about me as we compete for this legislative seat you elected me to in 2015.

I have lived in this district for 28 years, worked hard to help pass multiple school levies and bonds, and have been given the key to the city of Federal Way for my community involvement. I’ve fought for our families here at home and in Olympia, and I will always do so as your state representative.

My opponent is saying that I don’t support families, students, and voted against oversight for predatory student loans. None of this true. These are harsh tactics used by powerful special interest groups from Seattle who want to create a state income tax and the only way they can do that is by helping my opponent get elected.

So please, understand that these are politically motivated and are not truthful. I will answer any questions you have, just go to my website and you can reach me. 


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