A Mid-July Campaign Update

Can you believe we are just a little over two weeks away from the primary election on August 2? Your ballots should be hitting your mailbox any day now, and I hope I have earned your vote. Our campaign is going strong and we had yet another parade this weekend in Algona.

Going Strong
Our campaign is knocking on doors and talking to voters every day. It’s clear that our message is resonating and folks are looking for leadership in Olympia. I had the pleasure of meeting Ray recently, who has lived in the same house in Federal Way for over 40 years! I learned so much about our district’s past and enjoyed talking about what our future holds. I am proud of the work we’ve done in a little over a year to bring fresh leadership to Olympia.

Yard Signs
You may have noticed our yard signs around the community or in your neighborhoods. I am so grateful to the team of staff and volunteers who spend hours putting them up. If you’d like a sign for your yard, please email Jessie at jessiegamble.wa@gmail.com and she will gladly bring you one!

Please Remember to Vote
As I mentioned at the start of this update, you should be receiving your ballot any day now. I would be honored to have your support. If you need help finding a drop box location,you can find one here at this link. Please turn your ballot in as soon as you can!



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